CEREC Crowns: From Two Weeks to Two Hours

One appointment Dental Crowns or Caps, also known as CEREC restorations (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) allow dentists the ability to deliver durable, precise, esthetic white Crowns in just one visit. There are no impressions or temporary crowns, and the procedures only last about 90 minutes.

Traditional crowns and inlays are made in laboratories using a centuries-old lost wax technique with cast metal and sometimes a layer of porcelain on top. For many years, dental offices have been using all-ceramic restorations in many situations. The current technology to produce these is mainly CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture).

Another great advantage to CEREC crowns is that they can be bonded, not just cemented, to the tooth. This means we can have more conservative preparations, which are better for the long-term health of the tooth. The edges of the restorations can also be prepared above the gum line, which allows for easier access for oral hygiene and less risk of decay.

Here’s a basic outline of how it works:

  • We prepare the tooth for a Crown
  • We scan the prep, the bite, and the opposing arch with an intra-oral camera
  • The CEREC software digitizes the models and the bite record
  • We then design and manipulate the restoration on the computer
  • The final design is sent to the in-office milling chamber
  • The restoration is cut out of a solid block of porcelain using diamond burs
  • The fit is checked in the mouth and it is permanently bonded into place

Dr Jason Harvey started performing one-appointment CEREC Dentistry in 2007. The first one-appointment dental crown was placed in Zurich in 1985, and the progression of technology since then has been astounding. The evolution of high-strength Ceramics has allowed for greater reliability and more varied applications for our patients.

What are your thoughts on CEREC dental crowns? Do you already have them, how do you like them? We look forward to replying to your comments.

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