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Digital X-ray & Digital Imaging

By turning an analog image into a digital one, we are better able to identify, diagnose, prescribe, and monitor oral diseases and conditions. Digital Imaging in dentistry uses digital X-rays instead of conventional X-ray film to produce enhanced images of gums, teeth, and other structures in your mouth. We capture these images with an electronic sensor placed in the mouth.

Digital X-rays can be used inside or outside the mouth, but are most commonly used on the inside. It is used to detect cavities, check developing teeth, and monitor bone health. X-rays taken outside the mouth do not provide as much detail as X-rays taken on the inside of the mouth, but they are useful for detecting impacted teeth, monitoring jaw growth, and identifying problems between teeth and other facial bones.

This technology has helped patients far more efficiently than traditional dental X-rays. It can reveal hidden areas of decay early, eliminates chemical processing used in other methods, and can be easily saved and sent. Digital Imaging has saved our patients’ time and hassle.

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