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Solea Dental Laser

One of the most researched procedures in the dental world is making the cavity filling process more comfortable and less painful for patients.

Lasers have been shown to be a powerful tool in recent years owing to advances in technology. This has resulted in improved patient recovery and shorter healing times. When appropriately used, lasers can help to provide better care in many areas of dentistry. Employing different types of lasers for different purposes is the most effective way to speed up recovery and feel the least amount of pain during and after a procedure.

At Dr. Jason Harvey, we feature the Solea all-tissue laser. It is a 100% anesthesia-free cavity prep, suture-free and is also blood-free for most soft tissue surgeries. The laser is precise, fast, and makes going to the dentist a lot less stressful.

There are many reasons why we love the Solea all-tissue laser and here are some reasons why you love it too. 

  • Anesthesia-Free
    The thought of getting a needle in the mouth for anaesthesia unsettles most people. With the Solea laser, you can have routine procedures done with little to no discomfort – without anaesthetic. No more waiting for anaesthesia to kick in, which means you can carry-on with your day as usual afterwards.
  • Easier for soft tissue surgeries
    We can now do soft tissue surgeries at our dental clinic without sending you to another specialist, thanks to the Solea laser. The laser allows for a suture-free, blood-free, and discomfort-free soft tissue procedure.
  • Relieves anxiety
    We know how intimidating dental tools can look and sound. The sights and sounds of a drill entering your mouth is not a pleasant experience. With the Solea laser, you will also get a drill-free and noise-free experience. It will make your time in the dentist chair relaxing instead of stressful.

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