Six Month Smiles Success Stories: Brennan

Six Month Smiles® is the best choice for adults interested in quickly and affordably making life-changing cosmetic improvements to their smiles with adult braces. Our patient’s stories allow you to see and hear how Six Month Smiles has changed the lives of real people just like you.

Patient: Brennan

Age: Early 20’s
Occupation: Sales

Chief Complaint: Spaces

Treatment Time: 5 months

The following is Brennan’s testimonial regarding his Six Month Smiles experience:

When I was researching how to get braces, I actually didn’t need them, it was more of if I wanted to close my gap, and the best solution was to get actual braces. But I wasn’t comfortable with having them on for three years when I was already 19 at the time.

I just didn’t want to go through the full process. So when I found out that it was maximum six months, possibly less, that was the factor that really settled me in to it. It actually took me four and a half months, so it was pretty surprising when one appointment he said, “Well, next one you are done”. I was like wow, already?

When I was wearing the braces people had no idea. They would find out after I would have a full smile. If I was talking to them they would have no clue. I would literally have to show them and lift my lip up in order to prove to them that I actually had braces.

I feel like I can lift my chin up a little higher now. Just that little inch makes it very satisfying that I went through this process. I had a great experience in the office and here I am today and I am just so happy I did it. There are no regrets whatsoever.

In this process there’s no pain at all. There’s no tweaking, and you don’t get that body jerk like you do normally at the dentist, which is awesome. Six Month Smiles is something that I feel like is unique; it’s something that can really change who you are personally, as well as physically with your look.

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