Five Things You Should Ask Your Dentist Before Getting A Crown

When it comes to getting a crown for a tooth, the first question that may come to your mind is whether it will hurt or not. Most dental patients ask this question to their dentist when they are informed that they will need a dental crown. Of course, it is natural to be scared of any dental treatment, but there are even more consequential and important questions you need to ask before getting a dental crown.

Why do I need a crown?

If you experience pain when chewing on your food, it is possible that your tooth is cracked. A cracked tooth is a serious condition and will almost always be resolved only with a dental crown. Some vertical cracks that may have travelled up to the gum line can be quite serious and can possibly require a root canal, with a crown lengthening or even extraction in some cases. In a few instances, you may only have craze lines which are not actual cracks. Crazed lines do not need any crowning and are quite common. Ask your dentist for an inter-oral photograph or a hand-held mirror to show you the crack.

Possible options

Before going ahead with the ‘crowning ceremony,’ be sure to explore your options. Many times, a crown is the only option but there may be some instances where you can get a simple filling which can prevent you from needing a crown at a later stage. It is crucial to regard that if a substantial portion of your tooth requires filling, it is better to choose crown since the filling will not give you the same kind of protection. Moreover, if the filling is too large, it can cause your tooth to break permanently.

What happens if I wait to get a crown?

There are no immediate implications of waiting to get a crown. However, there is a possibility that you could chip your tooth and will need a simple repair or if it cracks a crown is a must. In very rare instances, you may need a root canal. Another possibility is that your tooth splits which will need you to opt for crown lengthening or extraction. Make sure to discuss the possibilities with your dentist depending on your unique situation.

Do I need a root canal?

Most crowns do not need to be accompanied by a root canal unless the tooth is decayed too.

What are my options if I have an old, really large silver filling?

In general, if your old silver filling is about ⅔ of the width of your tooth or more than that, it will need a crown. In such cases, a small amount of tooth that is left inside an old filing will be compromised. It then depends on the patient whether they want to take proactive steps and prevent the crack and opt for a crown.

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