Should Kids Snore?

Snoring can prevent a child from getting the rest they need, which is very concerning.

If you notice that your child snores once in a while, this may not be a problem as light, and temporary snoring will not generally lead to health concerns. However, if you notice that they are snoring every night, you need to look into the causes and treatment so that your child can get better sleep. Restorative sleep is crucial for the health and development of a child, so if something is getting in the way of a good night’s rest, this issue needs to be addressed.

When snoring starts to interrupt sleep and becomes more frequent, it may be a sign of sleep-disordered breathing, which can either be a severe or minor problem. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most serious version of this condition, which will cause constant lapses in your child’s breathing at night as a result of their airways becoming blocked. This condition can negatively affect your child’s physical and mental health and will also impact their ability to learn.

Snoring will occur when air cannot flow freely through the airway at the back of the throat. There are different factors that can create blockages, including obesity, swollen tonsils, congestion, asthma and allergies, just to name a few examples. It’s important to determine the cause so that you can then seek treatment that is suitable for your child. Parents need to pay attention to their child’s snoring habits because while infrequent snoring may not be a problem, regular snoring can be quite dangerous, so you have to monitor this condition to prevent health consequences that can otherwise occur.

Obstructive sleep apnea will affect the amount of oxygen your child receives during sleep and can also affect their brain development as well. Additionally, this condition can also reduce your child’s academic performance and can result in behaviour problems, so you need to seek help; otherwise, their snoring can start to affect their overall quality of life.

If you notice your child snoring several nights per week and hear gasps or notice that they have difficulty breathing while they sleep, you need to contact a pediatrician to assess your child. If your child complains about headaches in the morning or feel sleepy during the day, these, too, may be a sign of a problem related to snoring, so you need to address the situation.

Talking to a doctor is very important because they will be able to reduce snoring, so do not be afraid to share your concerns. A doctor will look for signs that may be concerning, conduct a thorough diagnosis to help determine the cause of snoring, and suggest the right treatment for your child.

Dr. Jason Harvey will answer any questions you may have, and I will also address all of your concerns, so do not hesitate to give my office a call. My goal is to ensure every child is getting quality sleep, so if you are worried about their snoring habits, contact my office today to schedule an appointment.

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