Sensitive Teeth? Here Are Four Reasons It May Be Happening

Do you find yourself wincing in pain every time you take that bite? Or as soon as you breathe in the outdoor air? Tooth sensitivity is a common irritation, and although the pain is temporary, it can be quite an annoying part of your day. Eating, drinking and even breathing becomes extremely uncomfortable, which is why it’s imperative to have your teeth analyzed by a dentist in South Edmonton to keep your oral health in check.

Where is this sensitivity originating from? If you’re suffering from sensitive teeth, it’s important to understand what may be the underlying causes. Check out the four common causes for sensitive teeth below.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Edmonton is an effective solution for those surface stains and odd discolouration affecting your smile. Most people that have their teeth whitened have no remarkable discomforts, however, some have more sensitive teeth than others. When this is the case, teeth whitening treatments can irritate the nerve of the tooth, resulting in tooth sensitivity. This is because the hydrogen peroxide in the treatment can cause irritation. However, this sensitivity often dissipates after a short-period post-treatment without any long-term side effects.

Brushing Too Hard

Brushing too hard or too soft is never sensible and will cause you more harm than good. Brushing too hard can wear down the enamel and expose the dentin under the surface. If you’re brushing too hard or using a toothbrush with hard bristles, you’re subjecting the softer tissue within your teeth to be unprotected and vulnerable to pain. Ensure you’re only brushing with a soft-bristled brush twice daily and never forcing the bristles too hard on the tooth’s surface.

Teeth Grinding

If you find yourself with a headache and a sore jaw in the mornings, it’s highly likely that you grind your teeth at night. Tooth grinding leads to several oral health problems, including tooth sensitivity. The grinding wears down on the teeth, causing them to chip or expose the dentin. Your teeth are far more vulnerable and sensitive to pain if that soft layer is exposed, and will make drinking, eating, and breathing in cold air extremely difficult. The teeth grinding wears away at your teeth over time, which is why it’s crucial to visit our family dentist office in Edmonton for routine check-ups to prevent grinding.

Demineralization of Teeth

Demineralization is when the tooth enamel’s mineral content decreases severely. When this occurs, the enamel breaks down, causing the teeth to become more sensitive and for plaque to build-up. The tooth’s enamel is not a growing tissue and cannot be restored once it’s destroyed. Avoiding foods and beverages that are high in sugar and acid is essential to prevent demineralization.

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