Why Get your Teeth Professionally Whitened

As you age, your teeth naturally begin to yellow, and surface stains can build up. If you are self-conscious about the colour of your teeth, then you should consider getting your teeth professionally whitened. There are a ton of at-home teeth whitening kits that you can purchase either at the drug store or online. While these are convenient, you can end up causing tooth sensitivity and uneven whitening with these kits if you do not use them correctly. Here are the top five reasons why you should always go to a dentist, like Dr. Jason Harvey, to get your teeth whitened.

Fast Results

Most at home kits have a lower concentration of peroxide, the active ingredient in teeth whitening. While it is safer for you to use lower concentrations at home, the results are not as dramatic and take much longer to achieve (if you can even achieve them). When you go into a dentist’s office for teeth whitening, you will not have to go for as many sessions, and the results will be dramatic. If you are getting your teeth whitened for an event or job interview, then that means a bright, white smile, instantly.

Minimize Sensitivity

There are very intense at home teeth whitening kits that use professional grade whitening ingredients, even including lights. The problem with these, and even simple white strips, is that you can end up leaving them on for too long or not putting them on correctly. Doing this, you can end up causing extra sensitivity to your teeth that leads to having difficulty eating and drinking or pain during the day. It is much safer to go to a dentist’s office where they use desensitizers and professional peroxide gels that do not soak the teeth the same way as traditional peroxide does.

Protect Your Gums

Bleach is safe to use on otherwise healthy teeth but can irritate the gum line. For most people, whitening strips and “one size fits all” trays that come in at-home kits will touch their gum line and can cause damage. At a dentist’s office, they will make sure your gums are protected from the peroxide so you do not damage them or cause sensitivity.

Even Results

It is very easy to apply at home kits improperly and end up with uneven results. The other thing about whiteners is that they do not tackle all types of discolouration. If you have a discoloured tooth from an injury or medication, then chances are that those teeth will not bleach properly. You also cannot bleach crowns, caps, veneers, or fillings, so they will remain the same colour as they were when they were originally put in after you whiten the rest of your teeth.

Avoid Damage

Only healthy teeth can be bleached. A dentist will look at your teeth before you whiten to determine whether or not your teeth and gums are healthy enough for the procedure. Soft or eroded teeth, sensitive teeth, and teeth that have undergone restorative work are not good candidates for whitening.

Brighten Your Smile at Dr. Jason Harvey

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