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The experienced team of general dentists at Dentology Dental have the skills, knowledge and industry-leading technology needed to perform a wide range of oral surgery procedures. Our dental clinic offers clients an expansive array of high-quality dental services, including the following oral surgeries:

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to erupt in your mouth. If they are healthy and functional then your wisdom teeth can be left in your mouth. However, in most cases your wisdom teeth will interfere with your other teeth, and they may need to be removed. Wisdom teeth can become impacted in some cases, or they might only partially erupt through the gum in a misalignment. This then causes swelling, pain and sometimes even infection of the surrounding gums.

In Edmonton, dental surgery providers can be challenging to find. It is especially difficult if you have concerns about visiting the dentist, if you experience dental anxiety, or have never had a dental surgery before.

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Take control of your oral health with care. Our cutting-edge technology and techniques ensure that you have the best dental experience possible. All our services are provided by a general dentist.